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Ben Fuchs, 29

Benjamin Fuchs is a Los Angeles based music composer , a graduate from the Souza Lima - Conservatory and School of Music. Born and raised in Brazil , he attended the EMESP TOM JOBIM School of music and went on to study music composition at the SL Conservatory.  While in Brazil he would often participate in jingles narratives, recording sessions and soundtrack briefings involved in his father's work,  since he was also a musician, gaining knowledge in all major software for producing music such as Logic pro, Pro Tools and Ableton.  In 2017 Benjamin completed his first score for the movie In The Name Of My People directed by Rodrigo Guim featuring Noam Chomsky and Malalai Joya. Subsequently he had opportunity to compose the soundtrack of the short movie Unprecedented Dream(2020) and to develop intro songs for Youtube channels. In 2022 he wrote the music for the movie The Second Man directed by Thiago Luciano featuring Lucy Ramos, Cleo Pires, Wolf Maya and Negra Li. 

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