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Os Aventureiros - A Origem (The Adventurers - The Origin)

Luccas Neto, his sister Gi and their friends Vitória, Pedro and Jéssi had no idea what was to come on the school trip. When Luccas decides to invade the laboratory of the recently disappeared scientist Honório Flacksman, the group is sucked into a portal that takes them to another dimension – the City of Joy.


O Segundo Homem / The Second Man 

In the near future, when the carrying of weapons is authorized in Brazil and violence in the country grows in a way never seen before, Miro decides to protect his family by enlisting in the Foreign Legion, which has arrived to help the security forces.

2022 - Original Music - Ben Fuchs

Top Cast 

Lucy Ramos (Solange )

Cleo Pires (Marcia )

Thiago Luciano (Director )

Wolf Maya (Assis ) 

Negra Li (Joana ) 

Anderson Di Rizzi
(Miro )


Documentary film on Afghanistan and the effects of wars of the last 38 years. Malalai Joya, Afghan activist for human rights, democracy and women's rights, speaks to the atrocities committed against Afghans by Soviets, local Warlords, Taliban, and now USA and NATO presence in the country. Many victims of these atrocious wars tell their stories. A film by Pronesis Institute of Audiovisual and Social Change and Cine Cinematográfica of Brazil. 

2018  - Original Soundtrack

Top Cast

Noam Chomsky 

Malalai Joya 

Rodrigo Guim


''What should you do when the universe puts your life on hold? Is your dreams and goals on check? This beautiful short film is gonna take you in a journey that took 2 years to finish'' 

2020 - ORIGINAL SONG-Ben Fuchs

Illustration from The Nursery "Alice", containing twenty coloured enlargements from Tenniel's illustrations to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," with text adapted to nursery readers by Lewis Carroll.


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